Brenovations HVAC is a local air conditioning contractor dedicated to enhancing the level of indoor comfort control for our customers.

Your business relies on economical and robust heating, cooling, and ventilation solution that will provide reliable performance with efficient operation. However even the best equipment will eventually need to be replaced, and as a system ages, the maintenance and repair costs will begin to increase. Plus, modern heating and air conditioning equipment are much more efficient than it was a decade ago, resulting in pleasantly lower energy bills.

HVAC Retrofit & Installation Services

An HVAC retrofit operation is an operation that requires careful planning. The installation of a new cooling system for a building can create significant downtime. A common practice for some is to simply replace old equipment with new of the same capacity, but this isn’t always the ideal choice.

Buildings change over time and affect the required workload of a system. An office building that ten years prior contained a small group of architects looking over drawings, but now is the bustling headquarters for a newspaper, will have significantly different heating and cooling requirements. These should be considered before new installation. Simply replacing a unit with the same capacity will not result in good performance.

Brenovations HVAC is specialized in determining the perfect product fit for your requirements. We will accurately determine load size and provide you with a system producing optimal and efficient results.